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Bfp4F Weapons In Bf2


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its not that he can and you cant,its about if you plan to release other games content in your bf2 mod you will recieve a cease and assist order from the companies you took the assets from (if they catch you,sometimes they turn a blind eye,usually with outdated games),if you release the content expect a MASSIVE fine..their legal departments will crush you...lol.

when you installed their game you agreed to the eula and part of that eula will state misuse of that games assets.


theres nothing wrong with making a mod with other games/mods assets for a few friends to play.

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I do hope that he can release that last one though. It looks positively awesome.

and since battlefield play4free is, well, free, since there was no purchase involved, doesn't that still make whoever downloads it the owner of that copy? I apologize if that question sounds stupid, i don't speak legal-ese :P

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AUG and AKS74U. Working on M95 Barret and M110.

Bugged M110 vision. Fixed it already, too lazy to upload. :P

That's pretty much it for today.
Plans for tomorrow:make reload animations for AKS74U and AUG, re-animate M110. Edited by dodek96_pl
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Now all of the ported content is here:

Weebly site

I'm having some problems on Notepad++ when I try to do the 4th step on that notepad tutorial, which is add a line on the top of the file "ServerArchives.con"... when I try to save it, it says to check if the file is open on another window, but it is not. Would you please TeamView my PC and solve this problem?

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