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Update 2019:

The BF Technical Information Wiki is back online again, apologies for the downtime, please see original post below for updated URL details.

Update 2017 2:

The backup WIKI has been moved to its new home, details below have been updated!

Update 2017 1:

BF2Tech seems to be having database problems once more, as such I have resurrected my backup, please see details below.

Original Post:

Hi all, this has been posted in general discussion forum but I thought I should post it here as well.

I have recently resurrected the BF2 Technical Information Wiki that was previously available from:

bf2tech.org / bf2.fun-o-matic.org

It is now available from:


I have to the best of my knowledge resurrected all pages of the wiki, with the only exceptions being the talk, discussion, and user profiles, as they were will as little change as possible from the internet archive.

The wiki is in "Read Only Mode".

If anyone has any problem with his wiki being resurrected please drop me a PM here on the forum so we can further discuss what the problem or issues are.



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Your welcome guys :D

OOh nice job TA, fast too, i was wondering where they had gone

It took me about a week in total to sort out all of the formatting and revering all the link back to internal were needed. all i have to say is im soo glad i have the medi wiki greece mmonky scripts lol

Hey, thanks for doing this! I was getting tired of having to go through the wayback machine every time I needed a piece of info from the site. Thank you!

I know exactly were your comming from there Chael, i two was getting tried of wating for Wayback to load all of the pages and whats more from the newver version of the wiki (bf2tech.org) the sites css was never archvies so most of the pages are missing layout on wayback, other than the fact of the origonal sites being taken offline those were the other controbutig factors that brought me to resurecting this wonderfull wiki.

If you find any pages that are missing by all means create an account and add them.

Im acctually in the process of corss referancing the newly revived site with that of the archived bf2tech.org versoin.

As i was forced to used the bf2.fun-o-matic.org site to resurect the wiki, due to the fact that it was archived with all of its css so i could see the layout of the pages properly, were as bf2tech.org is not, so their may be pages that ar out of date.

Again if any one notces any pages that are out of date by all means create an account on there and update to your hearts content.

or even if you want to add new information to the wiki go for it, its there to be used as it was intended.

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Just wanted to update this post as well.

To any one who is currently using the .com version of the wiki please move over to using the .co.uk verson

i made a mistake in the general discussion board and posted the wrong url, the .com is a dev/test version and is no were near as uptodate or stable as the .co.uk one.

please recreate your accounts on the .co.uk version


and sorry about the mix up guys.

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I see an under construction banner. Any news the new site ?

Update 2

So the Anti-Spam i enabled wasent really helpinmg had three bots join within the first hour of having the site up and 5 spam pages created when i last checked 20 mins a go so iv deleted those users and disabled registration for the time being.


The Wiki is up and running again with some anti-spam bot measure installed

e.g captcha and useragent checking utilities

I'v also removed all users accounts thus far created, this was a security measure in order to br fully spambot free, i know this is a pain for those legit users that have created an account and i apologise, you are more than welcome to re-create your account on the wiki though, and hopefully with the new Anti-Spambot measure in place we wont need to go through this again.

Additionally the wiki has now been upgraded to Version 1.18.2

Original Post

Taken my version of the wiki down due to two things

1. the origional wiki was back up and online, i see its down again (show as a blank white page).

2. The wiki was riddles with spam articles and bots.

i'll bring the site back online, however before i do ill be looking in to spam-bot prevntion.

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2016 Update:

BF2 Tech Wiki is currently down, as such I have re-uploaded the archived version i have, it can be accessed by the following URL:



Please note this may be several years our of date now as the origional backup i took was back in 2012 and from the wayback archive its-self.

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Update: The backup Wiki will has moved see details below, updated the main post.

Wiki backup is back online.

Polite Notice: This may be several years our of date now as the original backup i took was back in 2012 and from the "Internet Archive" pages.



please see the main post for an updated URL

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updating relevant information and URL's
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2019 Update:

The BF Technical Wiki is back up and running again slight change to the URL


Wiki backup is back online.

Polite Notice: This may be several years our of date now as the original backup i took was back in 2012 and from the "Internet Archive" pages.

Updated URL:



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