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Bf2: Idf: Fight For Independence - 16 Sep 2011 Mod Update

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Hello to all soldiers on the battlefield and IDF:FFI fans,

As you have seen on our facebook page before, something is coming…

We always see some users who think just because of our name we dont care about our other fraction, for all those trolls we have an update which only cares about the egyptian army. One of the toys we have to show you today is the Akaba, another variant of the Port-Said, showed in one our update from june 2011. The Akaba is a modified and simplified version, with a slightly shorter barrel and without a barrel jacket. Additionally, the folding butt stock has been replaced by a telescoping wire butt stock.


Also we have finished our russian beast, the always feared tank buster called Samochodnaja Ustanowka 100 or commonly known as SU-100. It was developed in 1944 and used extensively in the last year of World War II, decimating many German tank units. After World War II it stayed in duty for many decades in armies around the world, including Egypt. Together with our previously published IS-3 the egyptian army will be a serious threat to the Isreali counterparts. Credits for the SU-100 are going to our friends at Battlegroup: Frontlines, who have donated their awesome model and texture.


Well, we have shown you some equipment for the egyptian soldiers, but what to this guys look like? Its time to reveal this secret and show you the screens of our own egyptian kits, made by our modding dinosaur SPYKER. I need to donate him some lines, as he is like our handyman. There is nothing in the moddingbusiness he cant fix, and it seems like no model of IDF:FFI he wasnt involved. Today we will focus on the Anti-Tank kit ant the Engineer, the other kits will be shown in our next updates, so be prepared.





If you want to see the other kits before everybody else make sure you like our facebook page, also you can contact the developers directly. Tell us what you think about our work and what you want on the battlefield - we listen to your feedback!

We hope you have enjoyed this update and you are already exited and look forward to our next one…

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