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Damage And Recoil


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Hello everyone!

Can anyone please make a table or something like it containing useful information about the BF2 weapon damage? I mean, for example, how much damage must a weapon have to kill a soldier in armor. Or to destroy a car. Thanks

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Well why don't you make it yourself? Just start testing and find out. It's not that hard. I had this in an excel file but I deleted it when I started tweaking vehicles.

When you make it then make sure you don't forget that some bullets have different materials.

I'd make it myself but I don't have the vanilla version anymore(I tweaked some of its files accidentally and haven't reinstalled).

For soldiers you can just set the weapon damage higher than the soldier's health(find it in soldier's tweak file).

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For most of the handheld weapons it is quite simple just look for this line from the weapons .tweak file


Here is an example of the damage of an AK101

ObjectTemplate.damage 37

A chest shot with no bodyarmor has a damage modifier of 1.00 so a shot to the chest inflicts 37 damage. Soldiers hit points are 100 so three shots to the chest with AK101 is a kill.

With body armor the damage modifier to the chest is 0.66 => damage inflicted 37*0.66=24.42 => five shots for a kill

To upper leg the damage modifier is 1.00 no matter if there is body armor or not => three shots for a kill

Lower leg and hands damage modifier is 0.7 => four shots for a kill

Headshot damage modifier is 3.00 => oneshot kill with ak101.

This info is quite usefull when playing online because when you are shooting a guy with body armor it is better to shoot his legs rather than the chest.

This works for all vanilla guns that use bullet small arms material (ObjectTemplate.material 38) which basically means all guns but shotguns and m95

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The materials are defined in common_server.zip/material/

38 is the default bullet material, 39 is for M95:s bullet, 40 is for minigun and 41 for shotguns.

Soldier materials.

25 = head

24 = chest whitout body armor / upper leg

23 = chest with body armor

77 = arms / lower legs

Here is the default bullet material vs default soldier materials

MaterialManager.createCell 38 22
MaterialManager.damageMod 0.3
MaterialManager.setEffectTemplate 0 e_bhit_s_rubber
MaterialManager.setDecalTemplate 0 decal_s_rubber
MaterialManager.setSoundTemplate 0 S_Impact_Rubber
MaterialManager.createCell 38 23
MaterialManager.damageMod 0.66
MaterialManager.setEffectTemplate 0 e_bhit_s_sold_bodyarmor
MaterialManager.setSoundTemplate 0 S_Impact_Kevlar_Vest
MaterialManager.createCell 38 24
MaterialManager.damageMod 1
MaterialManager.setEffectTemplate 0 e_bhit_s_sold_limb
MaterialManager.setSoundTemplate 0 S_Impact_Flesh
MaterialManager.createCell 38 25
MaterialManager.damageMod 3
MaterialManager.setEffectTemplate 0 e_bhit_s_sold_head
MaterialManager.setSoundTemplate 0 S_Impact_Flesh
MaterialManager.createCell 38 77
MaterialManager.damageMod 0.7
MaterialManager.setEffectTemplate 0 e_bhit_s_sold_bodyarmor
MaterialManager.setSoundTemplate 0 S_Impact_Flesh

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I have one more question and I just don't want to start a new topic. What about recoil? How is it measured (I mean its characteristics) in .tweak file? So I want to know what exactly mean for example numbers in these lines (AK47 in vanilla BF2)

ObjectTemplate.recoil.recoilForceUp CRD_UNIFORM/0.4/0.6/0

ObjectTemplate.recoil.recoilForceLeftRight CRD_UNIFORM/-0.45/0.45/0

ObjectTemplate.recoil.zoomModifier 0.8

ObjectTemplate.recoil.recoilGraphFrameCount 4

ObjectTemplate.recoil.recoilGraphExponent 4

ObjectTemplate.recoil.recoilGraphTotalMovement 0.6

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