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Disabling Navmesh.exe Running Bfeditor On Completion


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Is there a way to disable navmesh.exe running bfeditor after its done? Because I have to edit all of the navmeshes I make anyway and seems a waste for it to run editor and export it (also because I usually work in bfeditor to pass the time while navmesh.exe hogs the CPU :P)

check out my navmeshing scripts:


I took out the code to start the editor automatically from my navmeshing scripts a long time ago. Once I dug into the scripts, I realized that script were a bit redundant, so I have been trying to streamline the process. I even tried my hand at adding selection menus.

The updated python script, GenerateNavmeshBFSP.py, has the code to start the editor removed. My navmesh.bat file controls the entire navmesh process. I use the bat file with pause statements so that an errors can be reviewed before continuing between steps.

Now to steamline the process, once the map has been prepped for navmeshing and the GTSdata created, the navmesh process can be started, but, there is no need to start the editor up again until the generated infantry and vehicle obj files are checked (for islands and other issues). Once you have a good navmesh then the editor can be started. (Why the DICE scripts would waste time starting the editor before the generated obj namvesh file could be checke d is beyond me, especially since there are almost always islands). With the editor loaded, the qtr files can be manually generated (save Quad trees process and generate the Ai pathmaps). This is a quick process that takes about as long as it took to create the GTSdata files to begin with.

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