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Problem With 'new' Gamemode


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ok, so I've followed a tutorial (admittedly for bf2) found on the forums here: http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=3993

I can select the new gamemode from the menu and it lists the map, load the map on local and I can spawn in BUT...there are no tickets showing. I can run around the map, capture the flags etc, but there is no tp bar at all showing tickets per side or the side icons etc. Not a thing. Just a blank empty space. The other game modes for the same map work correctly, its just this new one I'm trying to implement.

Anyone any ideas?

If it helps, what I'm basically trying to do is use gpm_nv to create infantry only versions of the map. Initially that gave me the results above, I've tried copying the content from the mods gpm_cq )changing the gpm_cq references to gpm_nv where relevant), and that still gave me the same issues.

swiff is updated, gamemodes.py has the python file, the map has the gpm_nv folder and the info file has the gpm_nv mode added. Even updated the localization files and still cant get the flag indicator bar to show.

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