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Texture Coordinate Errors


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Ignored Warning[Geom] : Object fir20m has texture coordinates outside specified range [16,16]. Largest coord was 1403.94/976.728.

I noticed this one when I imported one of PR trees to make a cluster and out of curiosity I split the model according to materials (bark and leaves) and exported them separately and the error only popped up on the leaves. However the UV coordinates on individual leaves are within 1:1 range and there isn't 1400 leaves in the object. Which leads me to the topic title; I know textures coordinates mean how many times the texture is tiled, but how can something that's not even tiled once have such a large texture coordinate?

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Eh, I had the same problem.


In the parameters for the edit UVW modifier, there is a button to clear the uvs for whatever channel is active. Overgrowth only uses channels 1 and 2, so you can get rid of the others.


Sorry, the button is called "Reset UVWS", and its in the parameters for the Unwrap UVW modifier.

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