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' date='27 November 2011 - 08:22 AM' timestamp='1322382132' post='105134']

Copy the contents of your tweak file into the file 'tmp.con' in the map's root folder with a text editor. If 'tmp.con' doesn't exist create it. That file is run automatically by init.con.

Thanks for the response,

but that just gives me a CTD on load.

I tried putting the .tweak file into the root folder and adding the line:

include usaas_stinger.tweak

to the tmp.con and init.con but it still CTD's.

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You should not include the whole tweak file instead include just the parts that you edited.

ie. if you want to change the projectile of the stinger on a specific map, you add these lines to the maps temp.con

ObjectTemplate.activeSafe GenericFireArm USAAS_Stinger_Launcher
ObjectTemplate.projectileTemplate igla_9k38

Notice that i am not active safing the usaas_stinger but the USAAS_Stinger_Launcher which is the actual firearm.

The crash with your method of including the whole tweak file is most likely because in the tweak file many new objects such as cameras are created

ObjectTemplate.create Camera usaas_stinger_Camera

If you create two objects with identical names =>CTD

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