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Hudelements Coodinates Question


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I've been keen to see a redesigned bf2 spawn screen and me and my friend have been working on it. But now comes the part to actually implementing these features and i'm a little stuck on how to get an accurate menu.

hudBuilder.createPictureNode 		MapButtons MapDoneBg 666 539 103 40
hudBuilder.setPictureNodeTexture	Ingame/MiniMap/newspawn/Deploy.tga

First off this is the new "deploy" button we're using. I'm assuming "666 539" is the x and y coordinates and "103x40" is the size of the icon. However i took a screenshot ingame of the icon and it's not quite that size, or close to that size. What i'm trying to do is design a different spawnscreen over the top of a bf2 screenshot, and then translate the coodinates and size of the images (picturenodes?) to the game. Here's an example


In this picture, the red square is 103x40 pixels in size, located at 666x, 539y as referred to by the code.

the "Deploy" button in this image, however, is 175x51 and located at 1138x, 690y. The screen resolution of this screenshot is 1366x768. Any suggestions?

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The whole HUD area is 800x600 regardless of your resolution. An image with the position (400,300) would be in the center of your screen even though your resolution is 1366x768.

The same goes for the size: An image with the size of 800x600 would cover the whole screen.

If you're going to design on top of a screenshot I would advise you to take a screenshot with your resolution at 800x600.

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An image with the position (400,300) would be in the center of your screen

Actually,it wouldn't be in the center of your screen

The top left corner of the image/or image texture file, would be in the center of your screen

The pic of the F16LG below, is positioned at -10 260 190 226

-10 is off screen,but the image is on a texture sheet,slightly larger then the image itself

hudBuilder.createPictureNode F16LGPilotHud F16LGPic -10 260 190 226

hudBuilder.setPictureNodeTexture Ingame\Vehicles\Icons\Hud\Air\Attack\falcon\F16_Pic.tga


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