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Mw2 Terminal Map Port


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It's all going to be ripped from mw2 with 3dsripper.....Okay the map called terminal is my 2nd fav map from the mw series so i am trying to port it to bf2, it's not really a port i was going to make it all huge objects almost like a puzzle the you put together in the editor level thing? eg

terminal151me.png the floor like the tile is going to be a hole object and the sofas etc are going to be an hole object the building them self's are going to be a hole object the glass is not going to be breakable but you can shot thru them 100% the ladders are going to be replaced with bf2 ladders and so on also the maps going to have mw2 soldiers meshes don't ask how it's from css and the guy has t pose models and im going to use them and it will have mw2 weapons in it as well

But i need allot of help

like animators and guys who can export soldiers. and if you wont to have breakable windows i need a object editor and for bot support i need some "navmesh ppl and sp mappers" i don't need 1 of each i need a hole team for this to work

AND please do not troll this post like saying you cant do this etc it well be ignored

note this is for your private mods only

also can i have a dump button for this post for every new thing or update? because once this is done im going to post dl link here

Send me an invite on xfire if you want to help im on it 16/7 my xfire is michicell i dont use steam alot but if you need that just ask because steam im on 5/2 thx ill keep you posted.

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