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Need Help To Kitsystem

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Hi here! I've got a problem and I don't know how to solve it.

here my code of my requestkit system on flag :


import host, bf2, math

from bf2.stats.constants import *

kitList = [










for i in range(len(kitList)):

kitList = kitList.lower()

def init():

host.registerHandler('RemoteCommand', ComroseCmd, 1)

host.rcon_invoke('sv.numPlayersNeededToStart 1')

host.rcon_invoke('sv.serverName "Battlefield 2 Reloaded Server"')

host.rcon_invoke('sv.SpawnTime 15')

host.rcon_invoke('sv.ManDownTime 15')

def ComroseCmd(playerID, cmd):

if playerID == -1:

playerID = 255

player = bf2.playerManager.getPlayerByIndex(playerID)

cmd = cmd.split(' ')

if cmd[0] != 'spawn' and len(cmd) != '2':



if cmd[1].lower() in kitList:

#print player.getVehicle().templateName

spawnKit(cmd[1].lower(), player)






def spawnKit(kit, player):

controlPoints = bf2.objectManager.getObjectsOfType('dice.hfe.world.ObjectTemplate.ControlPoint')

for cp in controlPoints:

if player.getTeam() == cp.cp_getParam("team"):

if getVectorDistance(player.getDefaultVehicle().getPosition(), cp.getPosition()) <= 100:








pos = player.getDefaultVehicle().getPosition()

team = bf2.gameLogic.getTeamName(player.getTeam())

kitName = team + "_" + kit + "_PU"

host.rcon_invoke("ObjectTemplate.create ObjectSpawner spawn_" + kit)

host.rcon_invoke("ObjectTemplate.activeSafe ObjectSpawner spawn_" + kit)

host.rcon_invoke("ObjectTemplate.isNotSaveable 1")

host.rcon_invoke("ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 0")

host.rcon_invoke("ObjectTemplate.setObjectTemplate 2 " + kitName)

host.rcon_invoke("Object.create spawn_" + kit)

host.rcon_invoke("Object.absolutePosition " + str(pos[0]) + "/" + str(pos[1]-1) + "/" + str(pos[2]))

host.rcon_invoke("Object.rotation 0.000/0.000/0.000")

host.rcon_invoke("Object.team 2")


def getVectorDistance(pos1, pos2):

diffVec = [math.fabs(pos1[0] - pos2[0]), math.fabs(pos1[1] - pos2[1]), math.fabs(pos1[2] - pos2[2])]

return math.sqrt(diffVec[0] * diffVec[0] + diffVec[1] * diffVec[1] + diffVec[2] * diffVec[2])


This code work perfectly, but I want to add another system. What i want to do is :

kitName = team + "_" + thekitwithwhatyouspawnedwhenyouwheredie + "_" + kit + "_PU"

By this way, if I spawn in medic after dieing, I want to be able to request only custom medit kits.

Same if I spawn with Support class, I want to request only Support kits.

I know that i need to add 7*7 new kit by army, but that what I want :)

Can anyone help me?

PS : sorry for bad english =S

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You can get the current kit name with "player.getKit().templateName". The player might have picked up another kit after spawn though. If you want to take that into account too, you could go for onPlayerSpawn directly, but it will be necessary to add some kind of timer to get the kit name shortly after spawning because asking for the kit right on spawn doesn't work correctly. After that the kit name can be saved as an attribute of the player object, e.g. "player.kitname=player.getKit().templateName" which can be accessed from anywhere.

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