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Bf2 Improved Armrig Release


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This is an armrig I created and release a while ago on the BFSP Forums. It's feedback has been great and I look to further make it known and to obtain more feedback to improve it even further.

From the original thread:

BF2 Improved Arm rig

Before exporting an animation, make sure the ANIMATED set is applied with all objects Unhidden (Use unhide all then apply the set) otherwise the game may will due to the set not being applied on all bones and your animations will look really silly (Some bones are hidden for ease of the rig)

Such as the wrist. I hid them due to their movements being controlled by the sphere gizmo and not the object itself, and having them unhidden could result in them being moved by accident which in result could make the animation look strange after export.


-Removes the need for orientation constraints and gets rid of the constant hassle or changing the weighting and selecting betwen XYZ and the constraint

-When linking an object via link constraint the orientation and rotation follows with it as if an orientation constraint was applied

-However the ability to rotate the wrists during a constraint is allowed which usually isn't possible under normal circumstances such as how chuc's tutorials teach

-Sphere gizmos essentially act as both the IK chain to move the arm but will be what you use to make links etc

Comes in 2 versions

Normal: Rigged the same as the original setup using upper arm and wrist for the IK Chain


Special: Having the IK linked to the collar rather than the upper arm, I did this so I was less likely to have the end of the arm so up in the animation and just general increased easiness and flexibility of the arms when animating. (I used to use this for all my animations, the other setup is better if you re-import the animation)


Whichever you choose, up to you

Hopes this helps new animators and for veterans animators hope it makes your life easier :P

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