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Problems With Bf2 Level Editor

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hi there im have a few problems. so far my main problem is that yesterday the bf2 editor worked fine no lag nothing. now some reason today it runs real sluggish. and if keept open it will eat more then 1gb of ram and when i try to edit a map it runs so slow that i have to wait forever to try and get any progress i noticed if i open a program say internet exsplorer then it dont take so long and i can gain access back to editor but only for say a few seconds before it wont do anythang agine. butt the vedio part where u see the map and can move around map works fine i just cant place spawns and non the options on the left want to work without waiting and crap. why it going so slow. yesterday had tons of open programs when useing editor and hade no problems. today just editor open and runs soooooo slow.



second problem im working on a vehicle and it will turn and load textures and all in editor so im assuming it done right as it works with no problems butt in bf2 when i load the single player lvl with the vehicle it crashes. when i load the multiplayer in lan mode so i can run around it will load. butt my vehicle wont be where the spawn point is set?

thank u.

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ok sence i can no edit my post here another image i took in editor. it seems i have to leave pc on for severol houres before the editor will work properly. lol odd butt it working no lag now.

so my main problem is now the vehicle will not load in bf2 work in editor butt not ingame?

ok so it crashes where it says loading complete veriflying client files?


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ok so i got my 2 vehicles working in editor 1 ingame and the second not shure yet have no finished edditing in editor.

so what i would like to know now is what setting do i change in editor to make the vehicle have enersha when u turn left or right that make the vehicle lean left or right and when u hit the breaks that make it tilt forward and stuff what setting do i cange to edit this.

plses someone help thank u

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