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2012 Site Fundraising Request

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It's that time of year again! I would appreciate any donations to assist with the cost of hosting this website via dreamhost.com, the yearly cost of the IPBoard forum software, and renewing the domain (completed today). It currently costs $150 per year to host the site, so any assistance from the community would be appreciated. I am not looking for another webhost or someone to host the site on the communities behalf as we've tried that many times and it never works out- plus, Dreamhost does a good job maintain operational security of their servers and reliable backups.

I know times are tough, so please do not feel any obligation, I will continue to host this site regardless if donations are received or not. Please Paypal detrux@hotmail.com, with a note if you'd like your name to remain anonymous.

Thank you for building this great community resource and your continuing support!


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Since the traffic has probably died down to this community... my advice would be... and its probably unwanted... to get your hands on a surplus throwaway PC... install Centos linux/apache on it, and run it off your own webserver at home... BECAUSE>.. you're probably already paying for a yearly internet connection anyway, why spend an extra $120 on dreamhost or wherever.

This are tough times and you have to entrench. Worldwide economic depression. I know Dreamhost is probably running awesome for you, and if it ain't broke, I'm the first one to scream "then don't fix it"!

Over the years I've never notices and downtime or lag on it, so yeah... kudos to Dreamhost and your skillz at settting it up and running it without a hitch...

The community needs to step up and donate, but that's probably not going to happen. I myself have my absolute last $5 bucks in my pocket, and its all in quarters. If you have a job and can keep one forever, I guess $120 a year is an irrelevant burden.


I am just offereing it as a suggestion, as an alternative to say, when the time comes and you can't afford to pay Dreamhost anymore, as an alternative to killing it into oblivion. Grandfather it onto your own webserver at home. Setting up your own linux webserver is no genius suggestion... therefore... how you go about doing it... is how I'm going to suggest it below.

One of my friends gave me an HP thinclient box, which was useless, and I thought... perfect... add a USB flash drive to it, and I've got the 100% solid state ZERO fans tiny webserver I've always wanted... 8 watts:

My webserver (hosts http://air-war.org/ and about 70 other tiny websites, including these pics of it below:

CG's Webserver Pic 1

CG's Webserver Pic 2 The red Sandisk USB stick in the pic is a bargain basement 64gb (prob was about $50) when I got it for Xmas

CG's Webserver Pic 3

CG's Webserver Pic 4

Mine has only a piddly 108mb on it, and 400mghz processor... and 64gb flash drive someone gave me for Xmas. 400mghz is overkill, but the ram is barely enough. Fortunatly you can get these with a lot more ram... I'd try and get one with 256mb minimum... the more ram... the better actually, because you can't upgrade them.

Plus you are going to need the extra ram, as your site probably needs MySQL and PHP also installed (both of which I detest myself and refuse to run).

Mine runs Microcore (Tinycore linux minus the GUI), Apache, and Samba. 108mb is not really enough ram to run an FTP/telnet/music server on mine as well, so I keep it to just Apache and Samba.

You can see a pic of my PC old webserver... a Pentium 133... with 256mb RAM, 250mb HD, here: Old Webserver

I went from that, to running it on an old Pentium 233 laptop with 256mb RAM throttled down to 133mbhz in BIOS... (which, BTW, old laptops work great!)

I just wanted to get rid of all cpu fans and powersupply fans... as they die over time, are noisy, and require dust cleaning...


100% solid state fanless design, low power (like a nightlight, which uses 7 watts)

256mb minimum Thinclient box (ebay!) that can book off of USB port, the more RAM on it, the better (linux will use it as a fast file cache). BTW, mine has 6 usb ports, lots of expansion, and sound/video/100bt ethernet on board.

big USB flash drive, set it up with microcore

Apache + Samba + MySQL + PHP extensions

Be happy

Steep learning curve on TinyCore, a lot of it is a royal PIA, so if you ever go that route and need help, holler at me.

Mine runs... flawelessly... silently... 24/7/365... no moving parts... and stays cool (since I added huge passive heat sinks (see pics))

and will keep doing so... until the end of time...

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It won't pay the bills, but I don't know, meant as a nice gesture...

Part of the in game advert.py text on my BF2142 full game server...:

Special thanks follow...  AIRWAR would not be possible without the work of these clever folks

Special thanks to Detrux for running BFEDITOR.ORG for years and years on his own dime

Special thanks to Devilman (Whitecats) for answering my first mod question ever, and his epic work

Special thanks to Awesome Atrain for publicly sharing his epic shoctgun rocket launcher code

Special thanks to Jerome Fabre for cracking the private full game server, to run as ranked

Special thanks to Topner Harley for sharing how to get rid of "6 players needed to join" code

Special thanks to Steven 'Killing' Hartland for his groundlaying work on Modmanager

Special thanks to Jat Gotamaro for developing his Private Rank Code System

Special thanks to the demoscene modelers and hackers at D.I.C.E., and the orginal Refractor Engine Developers
Special thanks to the all donors that took the time to donate cash to keep my BF2142 demo server running

Thanks to all the admins for running all the servers - its a bitching lot of work.

Thanks lastly to all the players that play the game right, bringing the violence to you, hardcore and your face

If you think you belong in my list and I missed your name, yell loudly at me and I shall fix it

THANKS DETRUX for running BFEDITOR.ORG all these years - my #1 go to site for all things BF whatever

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