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Skinned Folders

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Hi all

I found this little portable app in my internet trawlings which u may find usefull

Just to give your maps / mods that final touch.

its called icon constructor + what it does is create skinned folders + other stuff.

This isnt like using windows to change the folder icon

because that way if u copy ur folder onto another pc its no longer got ur icon.

with this u can copy the folder onto any windows pc - xp / vista / 7 and still have the same icon (use bmps,pngs,jpgs,exes)

also changes the folder icon in the address bar and in the "other places" on the side

heres a screenshot of the folderview with some normal ugly folders for comparison.


heres a download link : only 6 mb


it only adds about 32 kb to the foldersize when skinning it

enjoy , just download soon , they're shutting down the internet on 8 march....hehehehehe



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