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So I'm pretty new to modeling. I've done a bit in the past however it has been a few years since I've touched 3Ds Max so I've forgotten my limited knowledge. Anywho, I've been tinkering with gmax (Since it's free) and have noticed that it's just a dumbed down version of 3Ds Max so I've been looking for tutorials using that as well as Gmax. Now I realize that Gmax might not have all the capabilities of the full blown 3Ds Max but I thought I'd ask anyway.

Basically I viewed this

on how to make stadium bleachers. Looked fairly simple when I watched it all the way through the first time however when trying to duplicate the results in gmax, I am stuck almost immediately. I don't know how the user is extending the edges to create new planes. Anyone know how this done? Help would be much appreciated! Thanks Edited by TheDamagedOne
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