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Crack Texture Won't Export Properly


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It will be valid if you use the BaseDetailCrackNDetailNCrack technique. To use it you need an appropriate texture plugged into Base, Detail, NDetail and NCrack. And you need UVs in the correct channels. Base=1, Detail=2, Dirt=3, Crack=5, Lightmap=5

You can always change material setups after you export with Bfmeshview, or Bfmaterials.

These are the techniques listed in the Poe tools help file











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The problem is that because the mesh is just a box with the bottom face removed, you have no control over where the Crack channel is on the mesh. The white stripe is part of the texture and it shows up because the alpha for that area is white. You sshould make some cuts into the wall face so you can place the crack UVs (ch 4) where you want them and then move everything else to the null area of the texutre (black alpha)

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But if you look at the 3ds Max pic, technically I've placed the texture where I want it and everything else on the blank part. It just got more messed up the the second try. I'll try with slices then.

edit: still doesn't work, I even separated the materials and only added the mat with crack texture on faces where I want crack texture.



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You should be able to accomplish this with only a single material. This is what I meant by making cuts and placing the crack textures only where you want them, everything else is in a null area of the texture.


I have included the finished object and the MAX 9 file.


You should watch this tutorial if you havent already.


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I don't know if you are still having this issue but I just ran into a export error in max that may be related to this problem.

If you are using a technique that used Crack but not Dirt, you have to delete the third UV set or the Shader will use that channel for the Crack (which should be 4). There is a UV manager utility in the Poe tools that can delete UV channels.

I ran into this problem using BaseDetailCrackNDetailNCrack Technique.

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