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What is OPDD?:

OPDD is a zombie mod which borders on both realism and something from our own minds. What we have planned is almost entirely new and original. if you played our older version of the mod, I can assure you it is actually almost nothing like it was, and more like what we wanted it to be. The mod uses several systems Uber and I have developed over the years (To be honest mostly Uber because I'm afraid to touch his python coding anymore.) The mod pushes for a fast paced horror that always keeps you on your toes, and as soon as you think you have a system down it throws a curve-ball at you. Zombies now actually act well.... like freaking zombies, and yet they always find a way to sneak up on you. Singleplayer, is planned to involve a campaign mode which will involve a story I am still attempting to write. We are already working towards allowing the player to choose from a set of playable characters all with separate voice acting (Currently working towards acquiring some great voice acting talent this time around, with better recordings("IVAN DON'T RECORD THEM IN A LIBRARY THIS TIME!")). Multiplayer while still in a conceptual stage, is planned to involve an almost RP element. All players will start in a safe zone and fight their way into more difficult areas to complete objectives, such as collecting supplies, acquiring vehicles, or calling in airstrikes, to destroy key targets. Currently this will be intended for a persistent world server with a type of day night cycle that works cross server developed by Uber. We are thinking of allowing players to gain XP or credits which can then be pushed towards unlocking new weapons or vehicles in the safe zone. (This will not be like PR's unlocking system, we are now able to do this completely through the HUD, for example greying out un-purchased weapons. A lot of that is still a concept, but all so far proven to be possible. Our ModDB page is extremely out-of-date, and I will be updating it within the next week, explaining a lot more of what will be coming. Heck this post explains more info than I've given out to most so-far. (Screenshots will be added to this forum post as well sometime later today, I need some sleep)

Mod Current Status:

Both me and UberWazuSoldier have been working on this mod for quite a long time now as a 2 man team. However, we have had other outside help from a few others for a few specific things such as the main menu, music, and maps. As far as our current situation between just the 2 of us, we can get nearly everything we need done ourselves, it's just a matter of workload. As mentioned, within the next week I'll be posting more information on the the mod's current state of completion and future plans for the mod on ModDB, which I'll probably link here.

What do we need help with?

There is one future planned feature I've been wanting to work on for quite some time now, but have been held back due to lack of man-power and some animation know-how. This is the campaign feature. Both me and Uber know we can make a fully scripted and functioning campaign, with objectives, cut-scenes and everything your typical game campaign would have (heck we are just finding out we could do all of this in a cooperative setting as well), but the drawback seems to be having decent cut-scenes. I suppose we could film them Machinima styled, but I'd rather not do that unless it's the last resort. Me and Uber tend to like perfection, and I would honestly love to see campaign properly how I envision it. What I would like to see are some custom animations. Basically, the soldiers interacting with other things to really allow for a more believable cut scene. These would be just straight up animations that we would either render in later with aftereffects or even use triggers for the game to play them on cue and be rendered in-game. I thought I would try my luck here, to see if there was anyone willing to give it a shot. Creating a full working campaign like this would be one heck of a feat, but I really want to give it a try. My other option by this point would be for me and Uber to do it ourselves, but both we are finding our time more and more constricted right now with university and college, on-top of our current work planned for the mod.

We are also willing to allow others to hop in on the project if they are willing, but we are a bit strict on how we are doing things currently. Reload animations are being designed using military field manuals, and weapon functionality is planned to be as realistic as possible (both model, and animation wise). Python I'd rather leave all to Uber, because last time I touched his code I got sucked into a vortex of crazy organization that I didn't understand, and I couldn't get out of it without breaking things (aka about as confusing as that sentence). As far as static models, we would love to have someone help with those. More city buildings with possible interiors would be fantastic.

I really hope we can get some help from the BF community, as I would love to see this entire mod through to the end. We have a lot planned, and a lot of work to be done. I'm currently studying game engine programming, and really hope to work toward making amazing games in the future, but we all have to start somewhere, and modding has been that starting point for me. The Refractor 2 Engine is nearly limitless and in my opinion timeless. Seeing what Uber can do with the shaders to make it nearly on par with some AAA modern games visually, just completely amazes me sometimes. I appreciate all the help we can get and hope some of you guys consider it. I should mention all credits will be given to any help provided.

Contact Info:


(fastest way to contact me is through e-mail or ModDB PM)

Email: CrazyIvan1745@hotmail.com

ModDB: http://www.moddb.com/members/crazyivan1745 (My ModDB page needs some cleaning up as well SHEESH.)

XFire: crazyivan1745

skype: crazyivan1745

(Or feel free to PM me here, however that will mean a slower response time)


-Lead Dev...............CrazyIvan1745

-Lead Dev...............UberWazuSoldier

-Music Director.......Airfell

-Flash Menu Help...Okami

-VO Casting Dir......Kenny P.

-Current Alpha Testers-







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I'd love to help out with this one ! I've done a lot of exporting for Alpha Project, just ask Jones :P But the campaign idea in this mod is great! It made the bf experience heaps good imo :)

Feel free to contact me, I put the contact info up there. I can't get this site's PM system to work for me at all unfortunately so you'll have to use one of those other contact ways. Also, if you have a mic I can invite you to our current TeamSpeak 3 server. I'm usually on around the same time as a typical Australian, due to me being a sleepless fool and working with Uber who is in New Zealand.

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This mod sounds great! I'd love to contribute some how, but im mainly a Mapper :P

I tried to respond to your post last night but the site went down.

Once we have everything worked out for the map scripting we could probably use some maps specifically designed to fit the gamemode. Other than that Im currently completely rewriting the plot and script for campaign. Ill need a few unique maps for that as well particluarly some purposely linear. I have to chat with everyone first though to see what we are willing to do amd not do. I want nice looking cutscenes but I dont want to overwhelm us with unneeded work.

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