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Mod Idea For Battlefield 2142

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Hello, i have thought of a great idea for a Battlefield 2142 Mod, based on a World War III setting in 2015, this could be an idea for modders who want to start this.


United States Marine Crops

United States Army

Russian Ground Forces

(other factions can be suggested)


Medic (US: M16A4/RU:AK-74M) (Unlocks: AN-94, FN SCAR-H)

Engineer (US: M4A1/RU: AK-74u) (ASVal, FN SCAR-L)

Assault (US: M16A3/RU: AN-94) (Unlocks: HK416, AK-12)

Support (US: M249SAW/RU: PKP Pecheneg)(Unlocks: RPK-74M, M27IAR)

Marksman (US: MK11 Mod0/RU: SVU)(Unlocks: VSS Vintorez, M39EMR)

If anybody's interested, i'll add into further details.

Sorry if i have posted in the wrong area

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Not to be a downer, but there are so many WW3 battle games that are futuristic either coming out, or mod idea's that get started but never finished lol, and are you recruiting or just a idea? I guess the correct section of the forums. We need something original!

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Its even worse... nobody will play your mod, or any mod on 2142 full game... you may put 10,000 hours of work into it, and it may be totally mind blowing fantastic... and have the potential to catapult BF2142 gaming to new hardcore heights...

But because the only servers played in BF2142 server list landscape are officially RANKED ones, which are also the only servers that show in the QUICK PICK LIST... (sheer 13 year old player stupidity at work here, these players only pick what's in the quick pick list, and only servers that are full)


Once you mod a server, it can not be officially ranked... and the effect being, no modded servers ever will show up in the quick pick list, or ever be played...

The resultant effect being, to totally quash any mod development in the full game 2142 realm. Oh, you can do it... whipped up a modded server... several people have... myself... even.. only to see our servers relegated to the hinter wastelands and remain... empty... until you finally say, you know what, this is pointless, nobody's ever on my server, and pull the plug on your server.

Great job, DICE! Great job, stupid idiot players! See that Advanced Tab there? Yeah, are you blind? Click that...

Its why for years all BF2142 modding flourished on the BF2142 demo server landscape, until EA pulled the plug.

In BF2142 and BF2 demo landscapes, all servers show up equally in one single server browser list without bias, no matter how they've been ranked or unranked, or how they've been pimped out or not. There is no "QUICK PICK LIST".

To understand how the BF2142 full game fails, you have to ( a ) be familiar how the 2142 full game server quick pick list is the first screen the player sees, and how the real browser list is hidden behind an Advanced Tab, and ( b ) have years of understanding kiddie gaming psychlogy of 7-13 year olds.

I've had tween boys come over to my house and watched them pick out and play on servers, and groan in sheer agony. Its a real eye opener learning experience, that every product creator should litmus test their work by - the real people that use their product. And so I watched and observed. These kiddies make up the bulk of players, only you never see it. You think every player out there is like you, a skilled killer hardcore FPS player, but its not true. Its an illusion you assume in your own mind. If you really saw the little kids you played against daily, you'd quit the game in disgust and never play it ever again.

This is what became readily apparent observing these kiddies. 1. They pick the fullest server join 2. All they want to do is run around and pull the trigger at anything that moves 3. They have no clue what a flag is, or any of the objectives of the game 4. They have no tactical skills. They don't even comprehend, that vehicles are the bigger, badder weapons in the game... let alone, strengths and weaknesses of each.

These little kids, which make up 90% of the players, will ( a ) never click the Advanced Tab ( b ) never join an Unranked modded Server.. because its not listed in the Quick Pick List ( c ) Would never recognize an enhanced quality play experience over a server setup like crap, even if there is a world of difference. They just can't see it. All that they see is that assault rifle sticking out in front of them and all they want to do is indulge their itchy trigger finger. As long as they can run around and point their little peon assault rifle at anything that moves, friend or foe, and pull the trigger, on a server slap full of other idiot targets, its all golden to them.

I actually spent several ultimately unsuccessful weeks/months trying to come up with a work around for this game design flaw, to try and allow any server to get into the quick pick list, see this thread: Assembly Hacking Ranked Bit

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