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Changing Idle Position


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Hi guys!

I need you help, can someone explain or lead me to a tutorial whats the best or fastest way to change the idle animation position on screen in 1p? I dont have any animating or modeling knowledge so i am pretty much helpless without your help guys.. our team lacks of animators atm and id like to change the position of the weapon on screen, basicly you would call it the "origins" in css as far i know.

Basicly only thing i wana do is moving vanilla origins more to the center so the weapon holding feels more "real" similar as how the idles are in project reality, this is my reference of where i wana have the weapons on screen at the end:


I am thankful for any help i can get on this one!

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If you have 3dsmax with POE tools it is quite simple but time consuming.

- First you import the weapon animation "scene" (skeleton and the mesh)

- Setup a camera to the postition of the camerabone.

- Import the animation you want to edit.

- Then just move a bone called "torus" until the weapon looks good on the camera.

- Write down the postiton of the torus.

- Export the animation and repeat for all other animations for that weapon. (For each animation move the torus to the position you wrote down.)

Someone with experience in maxscripts could propably make a script that would to this automatically.

EDIT: Important thing before exporting is to create a selection set called ANIMATED !!!

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