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Bf1943 Files (555Mb)

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The textures could be converted to a PC readable format, as well as the sounds.

I found a lot of the dbx files in the BC1 Xenon distro had references to Win32 in them. But I'm guessing without a properly coded exe it's meaningless.

I'm wondering if these leaked dev files have any use in this respect - http://ninjamule.com/dev/bfbc2/

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This is the decompressed exe from Bad Company 1 (360).


The plaintext in it hints at Win32 settings, whether this is just leftover code and meaningless I don't know.


But I have a strong belief BC1 was developed primarily on Win32 and they ported it across at the last minute to 360/PS3.

For delving deeper into the exe take look at this guide - http://www.noxa.org/blog/2011/08/13/building-an-xbox-360-emulator-part-5-xex-files/

These were the libraries inside the exe.

Static Libraries
   0) XNET           v2.0.6534.1
   1) XONLINE        v2.0.6534.1
   2) XMP            v2.0.6534.1
   3) LIBCPMT        v2.0.6534.1
   4) XAPILIB        v2.0.6534.1
   5) XBOXKRNL       v2.0.6534.1
   6) XAUD           v2.0.6534.1
   7) D3DX9          v2.0.6534.1
   8) XGRAPHC        v2.0.6534.1
   9) XHV            v2.0.6534.1
  10) D3D9LTCG       v2.0.6534.1

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