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Hi. A long time ago I came up with an idea to improve the sound experience in BF2 - it was DES (Dynamic Echo System).

It got a bit of interest, even from members of PR dev team, but it has a few major disadvantages and was not implemented. Soon after that I came up with another idea, I liked the BC2 HDR audio system and tried to make something like that for BF2. Here's what I ended up with

I posted that on Project Reality Forums too, but it didn't get much interest. So I decided to stick to my private mod and try to improve the thing until it's ready to see the sunlight. Today I decided to make it a mod - this is DISE. It's a blend of ESS and DES and also a bit of new improvements. Its mod page is here: MODDB Hopefully it will get more attention than the separate systems I've made before. I'm planning to release it as a mod first and if it gets proper support, I'll release it as a script addon to allow other people to merge the system with other mods.

Edit: I've done the very first video showing what this mod will be about:

Basic capabilities of ESS

Edit2: Very first demo version download link

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