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Exporting Weapon

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Hi people

I'm new to 3ds Max and modding the BF2.

I've made a new anti-tank weapon model SMAW

Problem is when I export it with Poe tool it does nothing. It shows little exporting window but export destination is empty, nothing happened.

It only makes smaw folder but it's empty...

Help please.

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One thing I can see is that the hierarchy for the weapon has some naming problems. It should still export as bundled mesh but it wont function as a weapon.

Look here for model hierarchys. Note the __GenericFireArm suffix with the double underscore.


When you export are you selecting the root node? Is the folder you are exporting into set to read only? Are there other objects in the scene that are visible? Are the meshes fully triangulated? Are there a bajillion* polygons?

* Not a real number

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I fixed export problem, fix was I had to make model again and this time number of faces is 2300 not 4000+.

About hierarchy, I always fix that via ".con" file.I just rename to "GenericFireArm" and delete simple objects. Than it will work as weapon.

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