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world liner

Level Setting Is Empty -Bf2 Editor

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Hi all,

I started to make new map using BF2 editor with "NAW MOD structure" & I chose NAW mod to create my map in. i coudn't understand why the level setting fields are empty in that step. below image may clarify my problem for you .what should i do to fix this issue?



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Those settings can be found at


Just copy the BF2 folder and name it NAW, then you can edit the three files in the folder with notepad. You have to know the template names though.

LayerInit.con - default gamemodes and layers for new maps

LevelSettings.con - Default kits, Soldiers and Teams for new maps

ObjectspawnerDef.con - Vehicle pairs for new maps.

You can also change these map settings manually by editing the maps Init.con file with notepad.

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