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Exporting Weapon Goes Wrong

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im running in a bit of a ot problem here

when im exporting the M1 bazooka

im getting only a .dat and a .material file.

the output files dir is :

C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Battlefield 2/mods/pr_edit/

the other info


this is the output after export


top 1 is a .dat material

2nd 1 is a material file :S...

channel used are


none as you can see, i changer the genericfirearm to channel 1. made no differance.

check'd channel info whit the AT4 of the US army of the PR mod, those are all none.

the folder is NOT set to read only, and the typo whit _genericfirearm is editted to __GenericFireArm

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