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Export Custom Weapon Into Game.


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There is a ton of things you could be doing wrong. What exactly are you doing? Did you import the ak to Max, edited the mag and exported, or did you create a new ak model and exported that? Where did you export it? Did you give it the same name as the original ak mesh? Give us more info to work with.

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I added the AK101 into 3ds max 9, switched magazine for the ak74u, linked it to bundledmesh and exported it.

Did you rename the aksu magazine to what the old magazine was? Did you export it to the correct folder with the correct name?

I'll try to do this myself too and I'll see what happens.

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For me it worked fine, except for the magazine being 15cm towards the front of where it should be.

Here's what I did, step by step:

1) I copied the original aksu and ak101 files to a folder I made for this test.

2) Imported aksu into max9

3) Deleted everything, except the magazine

4) Imported ak101

5) Deleted the original magazines

6) Cloned the aksu mag 3 times and put them all into hierarchy

7) Moved it into the right position (didn't make a difference)

8) Exported it into a different folder

9) Copied the meshes folder to my ak101 folder

This worked for me. Hope it helps.

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