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Hi everyone

Short question from me- how to somehow label some selected part of model so that when I want to change its texture I dont have to select it again (and remember which to select) but instead I just apply changes to "labeled" parts? I hope problem is clear enough- if it isnt- write here, I'll try to clarfiy.

And one other thing- how to remove a model that due to some retarded activity is technically invisible but still exist in the register when I click on "Select by Name" in the upmenu.

Thanks in advance

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there's a little text field up on the toolbar for named selection sets. select your bunch of objects, then type a name for them in the field and hit Enter. now any time you can click on that field and pick the name from its drop-down list, and it will select those objects for you

obviously this only works with whole objects - if you only want to pick certain faces of one object, then use Material ID's instead to differentiate them from the object's other faces

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