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Please Stargate 4 Bf2/2142 Needs Help


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Hi there

My Name is John im one of the founders of the Stargate 4 BF2/2142 mod and we are in need of help in one main area which is creating 2 new soldiers we need help with the Wraith Warrior and the Wraith Officer

Ive looked at this and couldnt get my head around it so i am asking if someone or a few people could help with this they would get full credit on anything they help with.

If you would like to help or if you can maybe just give me help on here that would be awesome you can PM me on here or our site which is www.igd-studios.co.uk or you can email me at john.helyar@igd-studios.co.uk

There has been alot of mods for stargate for the Battlefield Engine and although a few were released they were never finished we are looking to make this the best version out there we have most of the vehicles done and ingame and working along with weapons and other things so we realy in need of you help

Hope to hear from you and thanks in advance for any help you can offer

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