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Pr: Polish Forces


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Polish Forces

Community faction for Project Reality.

We are searching for talented and motivated people...

ee115ed1cc519b2eb64ba98.png c4681f0326fc2bd901062da.jpg db69c01659d2942f45a170a.png

We are looking for:

- Both 2d and 3d graphic artists

- Mappers

- Modders including people responsible for exporting

Contact email: darekdeoniziak@gmail.com

Track progress on official PR forum

7184111ac1421645faa98bd.png 21b3faa999576c24300caed.jpg ba423e3e945c48bc2a09344.jpg 07fc373df47998a1bda1856.jpg torgan.jpg berylmini.jpg

leotx.png mi17a.jpg rosomakdesert.jpg ukm2000.jpg mi17z.jpg mig29.jpg

berylpcs.jpg wroclaw.jpg redfalcon.png torgan.jpg beryl.jpg gpbo40.png

dzik1.jpg dzik1.jpg dzik1y.jpg dzik1.jpg dzik1y.jpg dzik2p.jpg

alexgn.png 37064005.png aaayg.png Feel free to join us!

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