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Is Someone Willing To Create A Dogfight Map For Me?

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I have seen a few dogfight maps (Bocage Dogfight and Red Dawn)but all have been lacking a variety of aircraft and a more simple terrain. I want a Wake Airshow like map(multiple carriers, multiple aircraft including the F-15, SU-30, SU-34, F-35 and EF-2000, an open ocean and a good view distance. You could just copy Wake Airshow and work with that or make a whole new map from scratch. The problem with Bocage Dogfight was that there was only 3 aircraft and a lack of space between airfields, and the problem with Red Dawn was a poor view distance. If possible, I would also like this same thing but for AIX2 (with all the AIX2 aircraft) and for AIX2 minimod.

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