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[Machinima] Battlefield: Crossover - Released!

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Hi guys!

Maybe someone remembers our BF2 Machinimas "The FEARless Movie" and "Merchant of Death"

Today we are happy to share Battlefield:Crossover with you, our latest Battlefield Machinima! :D/>

So why did we create this video?

In opposite to our previous videos, we did not "just" want to tell a entertaining story.

We are Battlefield gamers since 2002, when Battlefield 1942 was released. But our all time favorite Battlefield game is Battlefield 2.

So while Battlefield 3 is a good first person shooter, we as Battlefield fans from the very first hour, were not happy with it.

Even though heavily advertised as the worthy successor to Battlefield 2, it does not build upon it. When you look at Battlefield 3, then it is nothing else than Bad Company 2 with 64 players and jets.

Many other "veterans" in the community share this opinion.

During the last year there were many petitions, articles, blogs and videos made by us "Battlefield Veterans", explaining how much richer the experience was in the old games, and showing that there are still a lot of players who are in love with that kind of game.

myth1485 recently published an article, every Battlefield player should read - http://bit.ly/Qc0D7K

So there was that. And we did not want to do any "documentary". ;)/>

In February 2012, we then started to wonder: "What would happen if you throw an Battlefield 2 player directly into Battlefield 3"?

And this is what we now did in Battlefield:Crossover. We tell the story of an Squad Leader who suddenly finds himself inside Battlefield 3.

While at first being fascinated by the visuals and sound, he soon starts to discover that this is no longer his Battlefield anymore.

But I don't want to spoil more of the video. See for yourself. We hope that you enjoy it! :)/>

Production Background

Creating the BF2 scenes was "business as usual". But in opposite to "The FEARless Movie" and "Merchant of Death" the BF2 mod was fairly simple.

Tweaked/changed a few textures (every soldier has a different face), added vehicles to the S@K map, removed flagpoles and other small tweaks.

The biggest change in the mod was the female soldier model which I created (and mschoeldgen[Xww2] did the import/conversion into BF2), and the mobile bluescreen which I need for the "superman" scene (you will know when you see it).

kzi1Ms.jpg TeXNNs.jpg yGOqOs.jpg 1B0tRs.jpg NoRFjs.jpg EbaiPs.jpg

3RUbSs.jpg rDybLs.jpg

And there also was a little CG work involved for the UAV (not entirely happy with that opening scene, but best I could do) and the "superman scene" first and 3rd person view.


In BF3 I replaced the displays inside the Jet to display the messages that heatseekers and flares are not available. But it was not actually *replacing* I did because ingame the displays are simply black/dead. So I *added* working displays.


There was also quite some rotoscoping and photoshoping done to i.e. make the "beam knife" bug look a bit better and understandable. When you actually trigger the bug ingame, the soldier appears/disappears/appears/disappears which looked just too strange for the video.

.::Crossover @ redd.it::.

.::Crossover @ FaceBook::.

Outtakes and Behind the Scenes:

Battlefield Crossover - Release Date Reveal:

(though the date is wrong because I finished faster than expected. :D/>)

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