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Navmeshing A Building Using A Bundle Static (As A Replacement)

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I have a question regarding the navmesh process. My target is to get navmeshed some enterable buildings from xpack and a few custom mods.

In a few maps I realized, I achieved that replacing (before starting navmesh) the buildings concerned with some simple statics from bf2 vanilla. The pictures here below give a good example of what I am speaking about:



This method has some big limits though:

1) it takes too much time and patience

2) if more units of the building concerned are present on the map, you have to repeat the "replacement steps" as many times as the number of buidings placed

3) whenever you decide to even slightly move the original buildings (for the final map) all work is lost!!!

In an attempt to find an alternative, I followed these steps:

1) OBJECT EDITOR - I created a bundle static made of some ramps and walls, which would be a simplified version of the building (I thought such bundle static would save my work for how many levels I want to navmesh in future)

2) LEVEL EDITOR - I replaced the buinding concerned with the bundle static, then launched the navemesh process

..but created bundle is not navmeshed as expected. In its place there is no navmeshed area, it looks like the bfeditor navmeshing engine just ignores bundle statics (as it does for the statics which miss COL3).

Can anybody explain what I did wrong?

Or is what I am trying to do simply impossible?

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