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How To Automatically Activate Gas Mask If Available In The Kit?

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I am trying to complete my XPACK based mod. It features 2 opposite factions, one composed by Terrorist, equipped with old weapons, the other one composed by a special police team (let's call it SWAT), equipped with more modern weapons and high technology "tools".

I made the gas mask only available to SWAT team Special Force kit.

Is there a way to get all soldiers wearing this kit automatically use the gasmask, without the option to activate it or not?

In other terms, my target is:

1 - SWAT SF soldiers always wear the gas mask;

2 - this last is always visible, both in first person and third person

3 - teargas never affect soldiers wearing the SWAT SF kit

I spent much time searching the XPACK mod folder, looking for a piece of code referred to the activation of the gas mask, but I could not find it. I am pretty sure there should be a kind of "IF..." condition (in the tweak codes or elsewhere) which I could modify to achieve the above target, but until now I was unsuccessful.

Can anybody drive me to the right direction?

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