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Bad Company 2 Mod Tools V2.0

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Bad Company 2 Mod Tools v2.0

Download: http://www.gamefront.com/files/22930539/BC2Modv2_zip


.Net Framework 3.5+

Python 2.x

How to use:

1. Extract and open up BC2Mod.exe

2. Click Settings and set the path to your python.exe

3. Hit Ok/Apply.

4. Click Extract and find your FbRB archive.

5. Wait.

6. Edit your dbx file.

7. Hit the Save button (or Ctrl+S).

8. Click Archive.

9. Wait.

10. That's all.

What the buttons do:

Extract: Extract FbRB archive and lists all the files in it.

Archive: Recompress the folder back into a FbRB archive.

Refresh List: Refreshes the archive file list in case you edited it outside manually.

Show Selected Files in Windows: Opens up selected file in Explorer.

Delete XML: Select an XML file you are no longer using and click this button to get rid of it.

Save DBX: Save the DBX file you are editing.

Revert DBX: Discard all changes to the DBX file you have not yet saved.



+ Rewritten in C#

+ Uses Frankelstner's script for fbrb archives now

+ Editor is now based on Scintilla, allows coloring, find/replace...etc advanced functionality

+ File list added

+ Basic file functionality added

+ Basic settings added


+ Written in Java


+ Work in the coordinate system to allow visual editing

+ Integrate with leaked server files

+ Batch editing support

+ Extend to BF3 (maybe)


Scripts by Frankelstner (Python)

GUI by rukqoa (C#, XML Editor is ScintillaNET)

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The coordinates system is looking to be fairly straightforward.

I'm currently creating a "map previewer" that will rip all the map coordinates from a file and plot them on a 2D window.

If anyone has a suggestion for a 3D plotting library for C# that's easy to get into and allows basic camera movements, feel free to help! Thanks. If that is possible, then I can maybe get into allowing editing straight from the map window (because editing a 2D window with dozens of points clustered in a couple of pixels is not very easy).


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Hey buddy. I'm really interested in checking out the mod tools you've created. I have the same issue as dainiuxxx. Confirmed Python 2.7x, confirmed .NET Framework 3.5.1 (as well as 4.0). When I click to open the mod tools it looks as if it will, then nothing happens. Doesn't appear in Task Manager either.

Also, the fix with the new .DLL did not work for me on Win 7 x64.

Any advice?


I also copied over SciLexer.dll and SciLexer64.dll and the mod tools now open. I'm not sure which of these files corrected the issue but all's well.

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