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[Mod] Alpha Project 0.2 Release!

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Hi battlefield community and alpha project fans!

After a long waiting period we are finaly back in action, our second installment is ready for a release!

Again i wana than all our contributors and developers for their support, this mod would have never got this success without the help of all involved, we are realy proud, finaly being able to share this work with you all and hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

As this is still alpha stage as our mod name says you can expect to find some bugs in it, if so please report them via pm to me or someone of our devteam so we can try our best to fix those problems!

Enough said, happy fragging soldiers, this is an order! ;)/>



BFSP Download

762-Ranking Download

Developer/Contributor Credits:

BFRHYS, Hjid, Dtneter, Chad509, Bad_santa12345, M.Combat, EnemySniper, Skullterror, bobthedinosaur, Furrealz_22, CoronaExtra,

Lt.Nomad, Clivewil, GroovyDawg, pmaxie4444 Pacebreaker Mod, Twinkie Masta, Defeat, Will, Kimono, Guedoe US Intervention Modteam,

Project Reality Modteam, Josh POE2 Modteam, Cvrelebrate, A-10Freak, Dodek, Likon, Cassio, Spartan, Duke, JONES

(let me know if we missed someone, detailed credits are included in the downloads credits.txt)


-> fully integrated weapon/class customization system with kit remember function

-> 3d scope zoom shaders for scoped/magnified weapons

-> new ragdoll enhancement project tweaks for soldier physics

-> vehicle missiles and bombs can now destroy bridges

-> updated weapon, explosion and distand soundeffects

-> working ironsight switch for mounted machineguns

-> new engine and distancesounds for jets and helicopters

-> various new weapon animations and 3d sights

-> new cockpit camera position and hud for some jets and most armored vehicles

-> added antiair missiles to attack choppers

-> new armored apcs, mobile self-propelled artillery and light observation helicopters

-> placeable tripod hmgs and grenadelaunchers (only offline supported in this version)

-> stationary tripod hmgs and grenadelaunchers

128 Player Server & Custom Ranking:

762.Ranking Alpha Project Awards


762.Ranking | BF2Awards Forums


[DGC] Clan Homepage



Content Reveal Trailer:

YouTube Full HD Video Stream

ModdbVideo Stream





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