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Kickstarter Project To Build A 100% Scale Pac Gunship

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I'm just going to throw this idea out there and see what kind of feedback you guys have about this idea

What would be the chances of success of a Kickstarter project (mine?) to build a life size 100% scale replica of a PAC gunship (aka, the Doragon)...

that people could actually sit in like it was the real thing... (not like its going to fly)

just to do it because it was cool... no other reason

just to do it because nobody else has

Include in the funding some budget for gas/etc to take it for years to sci fi and video game conventions on a trailer, and park it out front for the public to enjoy, and Kickstarter funders, Battlefield players or other space vehicle geeks, and kids to sit in and get their picture taken, etc.

I'm thinking, square tube steel welled flame, flushed out with carved styrofoam to sculpt the shape in, then layered fiberglass and resin... using the same techniques as is used to build lightweight motor boats or fiberglass car body shells... sanded, painted, and then some kind of high tech cockpit with seat and controls scavenged and made up to simulate the real thing... add motor rotated guns and aircraft style blink lights.

Maybe even go the extra mile and have a Wingman joystick tied to a CPU in the craft, with flat screen monitor, running BF2142 single player or some such thing.

Just throwing it out there, that's all I'm saying...

Maybe its too late and the game is too dead, but I think a lot of people would remember and recognize it...

and Kickstarter projects related to video games or techie gadgets seem to get a lot of interest... and support

In the event of unexpected overwhelming support, build a sister black EU gunship with tiger teeth to go with it (or some other vehicle?)

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