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Creating New Spawns With White Dot

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Hello everyone

I was recently trying to create a new white dot in a carrier in dalian plant map. However i couln't make it work. I don't work wirh BF2 Editor, just edit the code in GamePlayObjects.con... So my code was this:

rem [spawnPointTemplate: CPNAME_DP_64_uscarrier_11]
ObjectTemplate.create SpawnPoint CPNAME_DP_64_uscarrier_11
ObjectTemplate.activeSafe SpawnPoint CPNAME_DP_64_uscarrier_11
ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser nla
ObjectTemplate.isNotSaveable 1
ObjectTemplate.setSpawnPositionOffset 0/1.25/0
ObjectTemplate.setGroup 3
ObjectTemplate.setControlPointId 6

rem [spawnPoint: CPNAME_DP_64_uscarrier_11]
Object.create CPNAME_DP_64_uscarrier_11
Object.absolutePosition 791.436/162.090/122.463
Object.rotation 90/0.000/0.000
Object.layer 2

I also used ObjectTemplate.setGroup 3 because there were alreadu group 1 and 2... Can anyone help me on this issue? Can't figure out what i'm doing wrong...


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I copied your code directly into Dalians 64 player Conquest GPO and it worked fine. Did you place it into some other gamemode? Did you pack the map?

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Wait just got it... I think that if you dont have 64, 32, and 16 map there it wont work! Thanks a lot for the help though.


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