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Choppergirl Bomber Jacket

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So, I have my living room decorated like an aircraft hanger. Aircraft posters, model airplanes, that kind of crap.

I wanted like a broken propeller to complete it, or maybe take a big chunk of tore off aircrat alluminum and then paint some bomber art on....

So, I was looking at bomber art and saw some bomber jackets and realized, I had one of these old brown dried out leather bomber jackets rotting away in my closet that was too small for me. I could like paint it and hang it up on the wall or soemthing.

All it needed, was some art on the back. I didn't really want anything retro cartoony. So having too much time on my hands this afternoon, I set about to create some kind of graphic to transfer on...

Took a picture of my jacket on the floor, and did some photoshopping (above) to see what the final jacket might look like... once I do a transfer




For shits and giggles, the Zazzle t-shirt version for like 15 bucks... just to fiddle fart around in or wear to the mall. Might as well update it, nobody bought the first one I made. BF2 players are broke ass !@#$%^&*uckers... oh well, my first one looks good on my wall.


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