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Weapon Sound Based On The Player Team.. Any Idea?


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In my personal mod I want soldiers to shout "reloading" (or other language equivalent sentence) each time they reload their main weapon. The "reloading" shout is included in the faction related voices but it is part of those bf2 "unused" sounds which some people in the community already spoke about.

To get around the issue, I replaced each weapon 3p "reload sound" with the following sound: "common_client.zip/Sound/English/Grunt/No_filter/AUTO_MOODGP_TM_reloading.ogg".

This method works well on one side (I can clearly hear soldiers shouting "reloading" everytime the 3p reload animation is triggered) , on the other side the weapon keeps "linked" to one language, so if the weapon is taken by a MEC soldier (after soldier death), this last will shout in English instead of Arabic, which is not right. Is there any possibility to modify the weapon .tweak file so to identify the player faction and link the reloading sound to the player specific faction "voice"?

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I don't know but it seems that this particular part:


Is what makes the guy shout in English. :rolleyes:

You will need to change the "English" to "MEC" or "Arabic", don't know how it might be on your mod.

I think it is quite obvious.

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