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Major Effing Coup D'etat

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With one deft stroke, we just figured out how to get all first level unlocks unlocked for everyone,

regardless of whether they earned them or not, on my pseudo-private ranked 2142 full game server...!

As well as modify other unmodifiable values on a ranked server, like minspawntime, mandowntime,

get rid of 6 players to join message, etc... a breath of fresh air into 2142!


See those little yellow icons...? And the two black items I have listed under "Items" on right? Those are unlocks.

You drag and drop them to equip your server. And I don't have those in the EA ranking system.

Its a privately ranked, so I'm golden, none of any of the points on my server effect or are uploaded

to the the EA ranking system at all, but here's the GEM...

it APPEARS like a ranked server, which means it gets on the holy grail Quick Pick list like only Ranked Servers.

See those Sergeant Stripes Icon.. that means its ranked, and can get on this Quick Pick List.

The playing field has been leveled a bit, and after 8 years, mods come to the front page of 2142 FULL GAME!

Not cast so cruely into the hinter forgotten lands of the Advanced Tab that no retard players ever click *sigh*


See the red computer icon... that lets people know its privately ranked,

and nothing they earn on my server goes toward their EA stats.

Only to my private ranking system that is only on AIRWAR.

(like Hicks from Alien, and my server below...)


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Gee, nice work there! Its cool that finally this online limit has been broken. I've never been into BF2142 but that limit surely was one of the reasons for me not to bother with it.

Let us know when this 'mod' is tested and available :-P

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