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Modeling In Other Versions 3Dmax

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hi my friends

is possible modeling using a new version of 3ds max, and exporting in obj and importing in 3ds max 9?

or using blender to modeling and exporting in obj to 3dmax 9?

thank you

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You can certainly do that. The only problem you might run into is that Bf2 static meshes require multiple UV channels and OBJ files only contain one. You can still save the other channels individually in Max using the save feature in the unwrap UVW modifier, and then load it in Max 9, but sometimes that doesn't work either. I'm not sure if blender has a save UV function or even if the file it creates is importable into Max. It's better to unwrap statics in Max 9 to save yourself the trouble. If you are creating a bundledmesh or skinnedmesh you don't have to worry about it, they only use one unwrap.

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