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Like, Girls. For model soldiers. Since when is the species all one sex. And not just butchy girls. I know it sounds frightening, but it would actually be nice (within limits of still being dressed as a soldier / warrior), to be able to pick your skin color, hair style, face structure, height... just the basics. Not all out like the Sims.


But not so far that anybody can be anything ala Second Life, like people in Bunny Suits, Furries, or naked women, or huge monsters or WOW dragons running around. Inside the paradigm of a soldier you can tweak things, but not go so crazy as to import your own models. And forget things like eye color and facial expresions... in game, nobody gets close enough to even notice that stuff... let alone hardly what you are wearing. I don't know if you ever noticed it, but DICE put all this work into all these funny facial expresions soldiers make... in the games... and nobody gives a flying flip... or even knows they are there... (much like a lot of their details in zones on the map that aren't even played on because there are no control points there). Mostly character customization - its all for identity of the player themselves to see and tweak and play around with before they begin the game. Very popular in games like the SIMS and WOW and even car racing games. I kind of think its frivolous and should never be added, yet at the same time I'm annoyed that every time I die, I see the body of some black muscley man grunt collapse in front of me. That's not me. If he has a visor on, then, at least, I can use my imagination.


Add in some civilians too, collateral damage targets that you lose points for killing.


Really, what I'd like to see is a way to skin your vehicles. So that, say, you're the Red Barron, if you were to jump into a standard triplane that just spawned, it would instantly adopt your skin theme, of being an all red vehicle with German Iron Crosses on it.


BF Heros kind of had that, but you couldn't edit your logos, just pick from their choices. A step anyway in the right direction.


Mainly, DICE needs to get away from this client/server model, where too much data is hardcoded client side.... and have the client side just be one big piece of ftp update software... that can download everything (the latest and greatest) in the background from the servers.... like WOW does. Even the game engine could be updated. No more patches to apply once you did a fresh install. Install it once, let it auto update to the latest and greatest after 30 minutes of downloading junk and weapons/vehicles/soldiers/objects from the massive online library that is needed on the server your are going to play on, and you're good to go.


If you are familiar with BF2/2142, once you make client side mod, every player that wants to play has to then download your latest and greatest version of your mod/modpack... which.... ain't never going to happen. Maybe once by the curious, or when your release is new, but over time, even they abadon your work... because its just to involved to keep up with installing and updating those modpacks.... let alone.. most of them are busted when they ship, or soon become that way with the next patch.

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