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Gamespy Shutting Down May 31St - Bye Bye Bf2, 2142, 1942, Vietnam

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ANd you didnt understood me cobragirl!

It doesnt matter WHAT file is involved in this!

THE FACT ITSELF that u are getting money somehoe using EA Games product can get you in trouble.

And by the way as coronaextra stated, its not ethical.

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When you started to make mods on BF2142 you should have known that Mod making is not a profitable thing!

Its like a hobby!

For example i make RC models! I waste for this thousands of dollars in year (even more)

well i wasted 437 dollars yesterday to buy stuff to make my model!

i want to say that when you are doing this you are doing this for your self and when sharing you give it to players to show your respect and to show that you made this and this gives you a plesure!

But you act like we must give you money for what you made!

No one will give you a money for this! and you don't have even a tiny rights to ask people money for that

As comrade "AncientMan" stated, if you want money, go and make your own game or something else from zero on unreal engine or Unity then you can sell it, gift it, kiss it, rape it or do whatever you want. cos that would be your property (your own product)

But in this case (modding and your respy) you cannot ask money from any single person in this world

first of all its unethical!

and second, you are basically trying to resell the commercial product which is property of other company (EA games)!

So first of all go and read some regulations about this, and only after that start to complaining about this on forums...

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Lol and you stole the design of www.revive2142.com and revivebf2.com website

check this out guys:


they just stole their design.

All they try to do is to get some cash.

you are scam! People do not beleive them they are trying to get some cash..


Hum@noid called guy had made all this stuff. so we all know how this thing will end...

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I'm not a fan of my words being taken out of context. When i wrote the article (http://revivebf2.com/2014/05/22/why-its-important-to-be-awesome/) it was a mark of being humble.

BF2 and all Battlefield series is and should forever be a Free to play concept. Blue entertainment has taken great pride in working with like minded people for the better of the community. We have worked rather hard to get a half of a rack at a data center and we achieve this with partnerships of a long time standing. We Ask for donations however we do not require them at all.

This website has as well been established for years without the funding of its users. The reason this happens is because there are people like me who are willing to work hard and drop large amounts of Money on battlefield because its there Love and hobby.

I have seen many many people come on to this website myself included back in the day. Trying to charge for something. Boy do you learn with age.

Like I have stated in the past chopper girl, No offence but I fear it was your mouth that burned our bridge with you. You ability to flaunt your opinion wildly creates a unstable mindset of your team in our eyes.

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My team is only me. Humnoid was only helping me test remotely logging into my emulator with his French game client from "out there on the internet".

Any website he made was on his own initiative. I had serious issues myself with him copying someone else's site as well and associating my project name with it. As such, he is not working with me anymore. I ended that quickly. My official site is at http://revive.net which was made by me and copies nothing.

And there is nothing "scammy" about offering a paid server browser list. I'm quite up front about that. If I did offer something like this, a lot of development and maintenance work is involved, and it would be quite a long while before I would actually be able to "charge" for it anyway, because a lot of additional work is involved in setting up a billing back end. And there would be a lot of time working the bugs out of the system.

If I offered something like this myself, I would want to get paid for it, because its an ass load of work involved running a mission critical app that supports 1500+ people logged in concurrently, in undocumented C+ code that works with sockets, and laying down new code.

But hey, if you want to do all that shit for free... God bless you. Good luck running a mission critical network service and babysitting it for free forever. Have fun with that. Ditto for the "hub" guys. Maybe you value your own time as $0.00/hr... I myself just do not. I've done stuff "for free" for 6 years now... and its not all that cracked up to be *all that*. Sorry, it just isn't.

My own personal opinion is there will ALWAYS be a bunch of kids ready to step up and try and do the same as you, run this kind of service for free (which is the main thing keeping me out of it), but eventually all of them will crash and burn on that one. Hey, life is a free for all, and everyone is welcome to do whatever you want to do and give it a shot.

My own theory is something like this can not survive unless it is on a sound financial foundation. By injecting money from the players into keeping the server browser lists functioning, the following things (I speculate) will happen:

a. Someone can get paid to babysit it 24/7 and jump when it goes down, and keep its uptime like a mission critical app. Bandwidth and servers can be paid for. There will never again be a worry for lack of funds and the server browser list going down because someone else has finally gotten fed up and sick of paying for it (like GameSpy did).

b. Money from the players can get fed back to the server admins to defray the costs of running their servers. Finally, people would get paid at least something for all the work involved running a server. Popular servers would get more money, less successful servers, less compensation. But any compensation would be a kick in the arm, for server admins to try to compete to improve (mod) their servers.

c. You'd clean up the BF commons and get rid of an ocean of these douchebag little kids, script kiddies, and purile little boys that have pretty much sunk the gameplay experience for everyone. Sure, some of them still would be able to get mommy or daddy to pay their monthly membership, but for the most part, even charging a fee as low as $1.99 a month would wipe away most of them, leaving for the most part the older hardcore players (with means or a job) behind that took the game seriously, for which such a fee would be trivial and irrelevant.

This is what I project will happen... for this analogy, I shall compare BF players to hotdog customers / hobos wanting to get hotdogs for free... (it was a "Tom Goes to See the Mayor Episode I once saw entitled "Hobotown" http://video.adultswim.com/tom-goes-to-the-mayor/vice-mayor.html )

Players, being the ocean of idiots and hotdog loving wino bums they are , are going to flock to those offering the free hotdog ride, all the while, flipping off people such as myself trying to sell a decent hotdog. That drives me out of business before I even open my stand, so I'm not even going to offer hotdogs for sale. Eventually those who offer the hotdogs for free, are going to get sick of it as well, having to keep paying out of their pocket to pay for supplies and make the hotdogs, and dive out themselves. There may still be hotdogs around, here and there fragemented little charity communities, but it won't be anything like what it could of been... if the players had just paid to buy a decent hotdog from the start from one centralized hotdog manufacturer.

So that puts me in the position... hmmmr, should I stand back and watch the whole show play out as I predict, and go ahead and build my hotdog factory to be at the ready when all these free experiments exhaust themselves and collapse... in a year or two... or should I take into consideration who these customers are, and realize, most are little kids, none of them actually have any money anyway, let alone credit cards or paypal accounts, so there's no market here to begin with....

*Shrug* Let the catastrophe begin...

Since I have no real stakes in it, I plan to watch from the sidelines.


What you don't realize, is this fun little emulator code you guys have downloaded from the net, is nothing more than a proof of concept hack made by Luigi, with some SQL database code patched onto it by someone else, that hasn't been stress tested beyond more than 8 players at at time... lets just see how it holds up to 1500 players and 150 servers on it at a time...

With no hardcore programmer getting paid 30K a year to make it more robust...

Yeah... hope you got a hotshot C+ socket programmer willing to work for free in your back pocket...

Let's just see....

But hey, fuck CHOPPERGIRL, that girl don't know shit....

and she's just trying to scam people...


Hey, the people have spoken, and fuck me for trying, take your chances with the free shit...

Do you think Boba Fett delivers quality service for free...?

How you going to pay for all of this? They never listen...

Caveat emptor to the players: You'll get the quality of service that you pay for.... :-/ Enjoy

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What you don't realize, is this fun little emulator code you guys have downloaded from the net, is nothing more than a proof of concept hack made by Luigi, with some SQL database code patched onto it by someone else, that hasn't been stress tested beyond more than 8 players at at time... lets just see how it holds up to 1500 players and 150 servers on it at a time...

Sorry to burst your bubble there and tell you that you're wrong, but PRMasterServer was completely coded from scratch by me. It's not using any part of that gsloginserver code which I assume you're referring to (which yes, is crap and broken). It has 17,000 odd accounts created at the moment, hitting peak player counts of about 500 online and about 60 servers, and hasn't broken a sweat.

Of course, you can't really compare PR and FH2 player numbers to BF2's player numbers, but seeing how it's using a massive 0% CPU, 25 MB RAM, and 2 KB/s of network traffic, it's not exactly near any limits ;).

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10 days later from July 1st, Gamespy supposed to shutdown, and it's still up. What happened? If only dice would update the game to fix bugs like commander sp bug, more documentation on python, new bfeditor, more commands, or even better: Open-sourcing it then on behalf of the community, everyone would be happy and proud of dice.

Seriously, Battlefield 2 seems like the best engine and game to date, and an outdated engine and graphics doesn't make a game, although graphics are an important part, the gameplay and freedom of modding is what sets it apart. Unfortunately, with the sequels, EA/Dice followed an updated economical model that favors capitalizing their products through DLC, and getting every revenue out of it instead of free content generated with mod-tools with no way to capitalize on it. This is why DICE will never open-source their Battlefield 3/4 Engine, and also since it's much more moddable I'm guessing than it should be, which again with reason number 1 is the main reason why DICE doesn't want anyone to aquire it since it doesn't support the workers, business (Which is completely fine, after all how would a business flourish if they don't put a price on things, especially with the inflation of currencies?)

So yeah. And donations to a server list is very acceptable, because someone needs to pay it. I rather have a quality service than a non-quality, non-motivated service of server list hosts. Only thing is the different servers that each server list may support. With so many, why not try to join a coalition of website of some sorts, and the donations of combined websites used to maintain sites, forums, self and game server?

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Battlelog.co now there is no need for the hosts file edits or anything, you just install the tool, and it patches the game to the new login servers.

And we are also going to start a Ranked Server Program of our own, before gamespy crashed, i downloaded the Stats data from Gamespy for almost 5 million players using a security loophole on bf2web.gamespy.com, so we have many of your original gamespy stats stored in our database waiting to be imported.

Soon Ranked Servers will be back in full swing, but EA will no longer be setting all the rules, and you will be able to host mods of Ranked Servers as well.

I am one of the Devs on Battlelog.co, But i also own Gamestats.ws, the alternative ranked servers for mods site, we are combining the two programs.

Go to battlelog.co, and join up, unlocks will also be coming soon!


Desert-Conflict Dev

Desert-Conflict Xtended Dev

Owner of Gamestats.ws

Battlelog.co Team Member

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