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Skin Choppergirl's (Real Life) Airplane (Pics)

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So, I'm probably buying someone's airplane project, what I call "bare minimum airplane"... a Kolb UltraStar... for $750 U.S. Its missing a Rotax 447/503, prop, some wing surfacing, under carriage, and needs a whole lot of work (it was in a wreck once).

So while I'm waiting for him to trailer it up, I thought I'd play around and come up with a color scheme for it...

My Rough MacPaint Skin Idea (yeah I know its not a pretty mockup, my favorite wizard paint program Paint.NET is broken on this computer):



My actual lettering would be big and blocky and carefully taped off and laid out, and take up the full surface of the wing with a bit more mathematical distribution and symetry, then I did horribly quick and dirty with the line tool in MacPaint. Probably a font similiar to what I used in this graphic: http://air-war.org/image_wallpaper_mitchell_b25.jpg

Actual Pics from the guys garage:











If I buy it this Xmas season (he's delivering, all I have to do is give him the cash which I have, thanks to a friend) I'll take more pictures of it when its sitting in my front yard and post to this thread...

I was thinking maybe paint the fuselage frame gloss black for a black and white scheme, but since he's already started on some firehouse gloss red, I may run with that color as well for the traditional illuminated color scheme of red/black/white. Have the frame firehouse red, but the tube going back be gloss black... maybe the vertical tail entirely black with a white skull and cross bones on it.

Kind of a Red Barron color scheme, without looking like a carbon copy of the Red Barron Triplane



How would you skin a Kolb Ultrastar....?

Its a Work in Progress. I spend a lot of time watching EAA videos on building airplanes, recovering wings, welding, etc. First mod from stock once its finished and flying (which would still be a long way off): A Lewis gun or Dual Maxim's on the front, or a repeating paintball gun for the Zombie Apocalypse. I'm not going to be down on the ground with those brain eating zombies like the rest of you...

I'm thinking maybe I take it to the next level, and make some front nose out of white injection plastic molding, of like faux dual quad lasar cannons on the front nose, like it came out of some Star Wars sequel, or like faux steam punk minigun like it came out of Mad Max. So the old airport guys are like, what the hell is that??? Is that... legal? And the little kids are like, that is so cool.


Guns High:


Guns Low:


Youtube videos of Ultrastar flying (in case you're wondering why I would want to risk my neck in a flying lawnchair deathtrap - why... so I could fly the hell out of it):

I'm also thinking of adding a megaphone to it to a push button electronic sound system, to play various PsyOps sounds and clips, like machine gun sounds, a stuka divebombing scream, Ride of the Valkeries from Apocalypse Now, Credence Run through the Jungle, the French Version of Paint it Black, Magic Carpet Ride, Fortunate Son, and 1960's Vietnam sound tracks... anti-war stuff... like from the Battlefield Vietnam game... also AC/DC's Thunderstruck...

The only ultralight with faux machine guns and a sound system, it would turn heads even at an ultralight fly in... holy crap! What the ! Specially if I flip on the music system on low in a play loop as an attention getter(remember old skool stand up arcade game attractor modes?) and walk away.




Maybe a little smoke system too, by dripping used motor oil into a hot exhaust manifold. Got to keep the weight under 254 pounds tho... so... can't load her up with very much.... or have to make sacrifices elsewhere... who needs instrumentation.... I can see the ground from here... good enough to throw a toilet roll or streamer roll bomb at....

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Here are pictures of a second "different" but similar antique plane I am considering buying instead.... Which is all firehouse engine red, with four very small engines, and trailer to store it in, included:

Picture Group 1

Picture Group 2


I think I would paint the wings white and go with the same color scheme as the first plane mockup...


Beyond having four propellors being rather unusual.... the fact that the propellors overlap, is highly unconventional (and maybe not terribly wise or safe).

Blue Ultrastar

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Weird, i used to fly these myself, we call them Microlights in the UK, ive flown fixed wing and flexwing, the flexwing i found more fun :)

Then i got a Paramotor but never used it, now i just fly RC Quadcopter with FPV cam onboard ...

Happy flying CCG

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