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Kit Skinnedmesh Editing

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hi all.

i make my battlefield 2 mod,and was necessary to change skinnedmesh of AT kit, instead of one part to add other, and during this work ran into the problem of "swimming" kit on the soldier body.I work in 3dsmax 9 with poe tool for battlefield 2.

did nobody meet nothing of the kind?

sorry for my bad english))




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i find the mistake of kit floating.i think...

but needed for testing more.

the PR kits geoms have 3 lods(lod0/lod1/lod2).when standart is only 2 lods(lod0/lod1).my at kit had too 3 lods after importing rpg meshes.turned out that in my skinnedmesh file 1 kit had 3 lods and other - 2,after i delete the third lod(lod2) ,and the kit floating problem disappeared.

as I read on one forum - lod0 is used in game for player. lod1 used for bots, but for what is used this third lod(lod2) ?

we will look that will be farther...

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I decided this problem last evening,after 4 months of attempts.

the problem consists in that - in used kit skinnedmesh file ,one of а kit(my modified at-kit with rpg launcher) used textures from 2 dds files(original from BF2 Special Forces and for rpg launcher - from Project Reality) and had 2 materials


I copy the rpg launcher textures from PR dds file and added in my new dds file(both maps - difuse and bump).

after I edited the UVW map for rpg launcher.

and the last step - I specified the my at-kit material map for rpg launcher.and this is result

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