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Intelligence Report In Renamed Levels

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Long time since any post in here but I know this site is still alive as someone just renewed the domain within the last 2 days :)

I've used bergerkillers levelrenamer tool,works great but still a small tweaking to do to get it to show in game.

Only problem I have now is there is no IR on the map loading screen.

It just shows LOADINGSCREEN_MAPDESCRIPTION_new_map_name.

I've played around with the .desc file and I can get it to show up but then the new map name does not show.

What I have so far is rename the map.desc to the new map name and inside rename [name] new_map_name [/name]

Someone said they edit their files manually and IR still shows.

Any help or pointers greatly appreciated :)


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You should just be able to put your description between the parenthesis on the briefing line. If you keep the LOADINGSCREEN_MAPDESCRIPTION_ prefix it will attempt to find it's entry in the localization files.

<briefing locid="MY MAPS DESCRIPTION">map description for modders maps not localized (english only)</briefing>

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I have tried that and also many other combinations,just cannot get the IR to show up at all.

Essentially I'm just taking out the fog and extending the draw distance.

I can do that to the default maps and it works great.

But then you get a problem online with mismatches etc etc.

So I rename the maps so no clashes,everything works except IR.

I think I'll just have to accept defeat on the IR :(

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