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this application has failed to start because stlport_vc646.dll was not found. reinstalling the app may fix this prob.

tried reinstalling doesnt work

woops, sorry 'bout that. It is fixed now. :oops: I did the exact same thing with another program not too long ago, you think I would have learnt by now. :roll:

thanks kano for providing the .dll in the meantime.


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BlackJack]BF2_Tpaint Fatal Error

Very bad unspecific error



that message showed up everytime when i start the tool :(

hmm. a very bad very unspecific error, thats not good. And that is when you first start the exe, before the dialog box even comes up? Also what windows version are you running?


There should be no effect on your static objects, it is a good idea to backup your level folder first though, just in case.

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Yes, it's very bad, and unspecific.

Like this:



I get it after I press "go", and it doesn't matter what options I've selected. I've tried it with no options selected, and combinations of the others.

I'm running WinXP SP2. Relatively new installation (2 weeks).

Did I mention it's very bad?


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Hey Token, the program is great.

I'm not sure if this is related to the program or not, but I get this repeated checkerboard effect:


In game:


I've messed around with the lowdetail settings and it hasn't helped.

Also, how do you fix this?


The detail up close is good, but it immediately turns into an ugly blur.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I guess you mean DETAIL texture? It is hard to tell what the problem is from that ss but try each of these in turn:

1. Delete the folders editor/detailmaps and editor/colormaps then try copying across the generated textures again.

2. Check your texture layers. Try reassigning the detail maps again.

3. Open the file editor/groundproperties.con in notepad, remove all lines starting with "GroundProperties.". make a backup of this file first, just in case. Open the editor and set your texture layers again.

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I think I found what was causing the problem, I had the render detail instead of texture detail selelcted in the render option. Sorry, my bad. One question though. The color in the ss is really what I want. But when I reselected the texture detail tab, the color reverted back to the original colors. Will these be the same color that I see in the game, or just in the editor?

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Can anyone explain why I'm getting these different results with my main map and surrounding maps?

My map is 1024x2 (that might have something to do with it).

As you can see from the pics, the surrounding maps are getting good results, but the main map looks tacky, and has different coloring (main map is the one with green hill tops).

This is the result immediately after assigning detail textures and materials to layers 1, 2, and 3 (after running bf2_tpaint.exe of course).



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One of the reasons that the surrounding terrain looks better is that you have not generated your lowdetail map on the main terrain (because of the way the editor makes lowdetail maps BF2_TPaint has to generate the lowdetail maps for the surrounding terrain for you).

That does not explain the colour differences though. If you are still having problems, put:


-the 8 "heightmapsecondary_...raw" files


-your whole bf2_tpaint folder

in a zip and send it to me. I will see if it is a bug with the program or not.

(I have PMed you my email address).

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