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i made a test map.. and didnt follow the instructions...

so i destroyed the map basically..

lol 8)

i went back and changed some stuff and now it all works.. lol

thanks for the tool mate!

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ok i think i can't manage this for myself pls help..

how can i get rid off the checkboard :/,when i changed lowdetailtexture value from 0 to 1 or 2 checkboard appeared on all my textures :/


and yeah the part on the right side is the surrounding terrain.

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Can someone tell me how to download this file plz? i have never downloaded a tool before, or anything like this. So can i get somehelp on what to do?

(I don't download much anyway).

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I'm having trouble here:

When I run it, I get a message:  "error could not read Heightdata.con" on EVERY map I try it on.

if you read the instructions you will see that bf2tpaint must be in a sub folder of your map to work.

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Grrrrrrrrrrrrr... Man i just can't get the hang of this! i am trying to download t-paint.

I click on bf2_t-paint_v33, then click save and then open.

So where is the tutorial????

Downloading tools like this. To me it's pretty hard. :x


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So does that mean i can't download this then??

I'm a newbie,

but I'll try and help,

(I did download bf2_tpaint, eventually.)

The tutorials are a seperarate thing, you can get them here:


They are just .DOC files (and an example level too.)

I suggest following the tutorial first.

Things that may get overlooked :

* Set default texture

* generate low detail texture

(these seem to be crucial functions, but I didn't see them in the tutorial.)


bfs_tpaint is a separate tool - download it, then unpack into your LEVEL (you have to get to know where things go.)

It appears bf2_tpaint takes

HEIGHT as input

and produces the texture maps as output (based on lo, high and sloping.)

As far as I can tell, the texture choice made in the editor (sand, grass, rock) has no bearing on the output texture, which comes from the textures in the data folder.

Token, guys -

this seems to be a great tool, once you understand it.

It seems to make sense straight away to modding experts :-)

But to newbies, it is very unclear (e.g. the instructions seem to work, but it was not at all clear what the program was doing.)

Perhaps a simple statement like :

bf2_tpaint takes the HEIGHT as input

and produces lo, hi, slope textures from that,

based on texture in the data folder (not the editor.)

(Is that right?)


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The painting tool is a great timesaver... instead of you manually painting

a map with the paint brush it has three textures and it paints the entire map with these textures... where the ground is low it colors the entire low area with that texture color

where there are hills and mountains it will paint with that texture...

and high will be the other texture... just follow the instructions and it works

after a few maps it will be more understandable... CB

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This texture is made with TPaint.

1.When you are far away the beach looks like ROCK but when you are close you can see the SAND. And SAND is what it should look like. But why does it look like ROCK from far away?

2. When you are close to the texture and you move further up the beach the sand turns to grass just as i want it but the problem is that you still can see the sand through the grass. Do I have to play around with the "grad_height.tga"-file to solve this problem?

Thanks for your help! / Andy


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