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Explain this, map loads in debug mode fine, but not in reg


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No, listen, i got no errors at all when runnin the debugger, it worked just fine, but when i run it in normal mode, without debug, it crashes.....

Did you run it in windowed mode? There are four diffrent modes, normal windowed, normal fullscreen, debugger windowed, debugger fullscreen. Try all of them. If you still get no error, do as the post above says, and check what content it loads at 14% thru the debugger.

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The debugger, and by that I mean the BF2_r.exe version, allows errors to happen without crashing the game.

The retail version of BF2, meaning BF2.exe. Halts the game on any major error as part of the anti-cheating process.

To try to figure out what's causing a crashing problem, run retail BF2.exe, NOT BF2_r.exe in windowed mode. The game will crash when it hits the problem, but most of the time it will also give you an error message that you can use for diagnostics.

Details on how to do this are in the tutorials listed in the "announcements" part of this section.

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