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BF2 Mod Toolkit - Beta release


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Over the past month or so I've been developing a small application that provides some useful features for aiding the modding of BF2.


Currently the toolkit has the following features:

  • Basic validation of a mod - This checks the files within a mod directory and provides some basic information and validation.

[*] Copy levels to mod - This allows you to easily copy a level from one mod to another.

[*] Export colourmaps, detailmaps, lightmaps, lowdetailmaps, and height maps. - Converts from the sectional DDS files to one large PNG file for editing in photoshop.

[*] Import colourmaps, detailmaps, lightmaps, lowdetailmaps, and height maps. - Converts the large PNG file back into sectional DDS files.

The toolkit functionality is mainly centred around the import/export of the map files at the moment. The toolkit needs two additional applications to perform these operations, NConvert, and Nvdxt, details of where to find these utilities is included in the documentation.

The toolkit is available for download:


Mirror: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/asylumdesigns...t_0-7_Setup.exe

I have plans to add several new features to the toolkit over the coming months, including the renaming of levels, terrain generation, and colourmap/detailmap generation.

If you have any ideas for additional features that would be useful, feel free to suggest them.

Hopefully this application will be of some use to the community, (and hopefully there isn't too many bugs... :) )

Please read the documentation to understand how the toolkit works!

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The export and import of colour, detail, light, lowdetail, and height maps is a big plus for mappers. I already have ways of merging and splitting these files but it requires the use of several programs and a lot of time so thank you very much for saving me hours that I can now put to better use; mapping more I suppose?

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I would be willing to allow you to incorportate my batch files which zip up BF2 files.  


I also have a sound file zip that can convert ogg files to the right settings for BF2.

I'm working on a c++ library to pack up the bf2 .zip files now. It won't require somebody to have winrar and won't require any setup.

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SuperB, thanks for the offer, I had a quick look at your batch files, and I think I might well include them. Although what I'm thinking is that as the Toolkit is written in Python, Python has zip commands built into it so what I might do is use your scripts as reference and build a python version from them, thus removing the need for winrar.

Time permitting I should get the next version released soon, with the rename map function, and some of the terrain generation stuff in too.

If anyone has suggestions for features they'd like added, feel free to post them.

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Any way you could make it export the primary and surrounding terrain colormaps into 1 big image for editing? As well as the heightmaps. Then you could render the texture in terragen with the big heightmap and import with your tools in 1 step. Instead of rendering all the surrounding patches seperatly.

I know you would have to enlarge the surrounding patch colormaps to make them fit on each side of the primary, but could you atleast have a checkbox for it or something? When it imports have it shrink them back down.

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Well I have batch files that do everything related to the atlas file automatically. My batches even pack the menu.zip files back up so I dont have to do that. I will be wrting a tut and release them later this week.

Thats a big time saver, for me the only thing I have to do manually is edit the MemeAtlas.tac manually. But Rex said he knew how to do that automatically. So if there was feature that I would like it would be the ability to do the atlas crap automatically.

I would also like a python debug window like this:


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SuperB, I know how to create all the atlas file stuff for the HUD, that's something I've been working with for a while. So I could add that to the toolkit without too much problem. Will definately look into all this packaging stuff, sounds like it would be handy for people.

desolatordan, I haven't really played with the surrounding map data yet, but what you suggest sounds good, and should be doable. So I'll add that to the feature list. :)

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Desolator: If you want to use terragen, then you don't need the editor colormaps. There are many more options available to you in terragen to begin with, like loading multiple tiling colormaps for each brush and then assigning all the different variable to them like slope and height, then terragen will randomly mix them to give you a better result.

If what you are trying to do is combine the primary and secondary low detail, detail, and material maps together, then that won't work. Remember that the primary and secondary terrains are handled differently, so it's not possible to combine the two.

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Probably, you'll need these files:

Nvidia DDS Utilities

Description: This installer includes five separate utilities:

* nvDXT - convenient command-line access to nvDXTlib functionality and more

* detach - extracts MIP levels from a .DDS file

* stitch - recombines MIP levels into a single .DDS file

* readDXT - reads compressed images and writes .TGA files

* nxDXTlib - library for working with .DDS files

Download: http://developer.nvidia.com/object/dds_utilities.html

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ye rgr, i have the photoshop DDS tools, take it thats not enough for this tool :P

EDIT: humm i had thous DDS tools, but they ddint have in the ncovert.exe

I found it here and looks to be working :)


EDIT: waa, was hoping this tool would take the lightmaps and stuff from the atlases files but cant always have everything hehe, good tool anyways :)

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Cheers Vex, I'll take a look at it.

EDIT: Pretty nifty man, nice work, little suggestion though, could you make it able to be maximised/resized? it can get sort of annnoying on the Level tab when you have to scroll a tiny box lol. Nice work though!

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